About us

Scienta designs and manufactures online measurement systems for the Pulp & Paper, Impregnated Paper, Laminated products and Nonwoven industries. Scienta is a privately owned, Finnish company, founded in 1954. Scienta's headquarter is in Finland, in the immediate vicinity of Helsinki. Apart from Helsinki, Scienta has an office in Jyväskylä, Finland, and an affiliate, Scienta Systems Ltd, in Manchester, England. Scienta has clients in 25+ countries. An important strategic dimension for Scienta is the close cooperation with our partners and our representatives. In the Resin Impregnation industry Scienta has developed a strategic alliance with Vits Technology GmbH - the leading manufacturer of production lines for Melamine and Phenolic resin impregnated paper. In the area of Nonwovens we have entered a partnership with the Austrian company Lenzing Instruments GmbH - a leading supplier of nonwoven testing instruments. A long time partner is Visilab Signal Technologies Oy in Finland.